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Apart-hotel Horowitz is located in the very heart of Lviv City Centre, several meters from Rynok Square. You will be staying in the architectural monument with big history.

Apart-hotel Horowitz is perfect for families with children stay, who can easily reach everything interesting in the city within short walk, as well as for both business tourists as here is the centre of city's business activity and for each tourist who visits our city. Dozens of famous restaurants and hundreds of historical monuments can easily be reached within walking distance. There are very few hotels in Lviv of that kind.

Our history

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The historical building currently housing Apart-hotel Horowitz was built in the 1830s by famous Lviv architect Paul Eutele. The building still retains its best elements: Empire style frontage, Middle Age underground passageways, oak made Austrian doors and “Amour and Psyche” bas-relief above the entrance.

The house was built for the Horowitzs, a prominent Galician family, which produced a lot of famous lawyers, doctors, musicians. Several Horowitzs were well-known rabbis in the Lviv region, but the most famous one was in Brody.

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Apart-hotel Horowitz is located in the very heart of Lviv, City Centre at Krakivska street 4. It can be said that our apart-hotel is located in the Rynok Square, the heart of Lviv City Centre. All the main city attractions are within walking distance. Rynok Square, Opera House, Old Pharmacy museum, Street Art Market, Lviv Chocolate factory, Ethnography Museum, History Museum, dozens of Cathedrals and hundreds of restaurants.

Almost everything that tourists wish to see in Lviv is very close by if you are staying in our apart-hotel.